Denis Šaško

Frontend developer from Zagreb, Croatia

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A byte/8 about me

My first passion was design, but series of events led me to programming in which I fell in love with quickly. I strive to learn all I get my hands on so I'm no stranger to Backend technologies, Search Engine Optimisation, Server configuration, Network setup, etc.

Lately, I mostly spend my time building things in javascript and learning the structures of modern-day applications and frameworks. I also like to dig deep when it comes to performance, and paint time is somewhat of an obsession to me.

Things I enjoy include: Music (Rock, Electronic), Sports (Football, MMA), Video games (Dota).

I'm currently working with Silverserver7 gmbh. as a part of their Frontend team.

Personal Information

Full name:
Denis Šaško
Date and place of birth:
23. October 1987., Koprivnica, Croatia
Residential address:
Križevci, Zagorska 103a, Croatia
Office address:
Zagreb, Babonićeva ul. 56, Croatia
Mobile phone:
(+385) 091/192-6677
E-mail address:

Work experience

CEO, Frontend Developer @ Fenom ltd.
Zagreb, Croatia [2017 - Present]
Working with awesome teams and helping them bring their ideas to life.
Senior Frontend Developer @ No42 ltd.
Zagreb, Croatia [2016 - 2017]
Developing websites with focus on implementing new technologies and improving the build process.
Frontend Developer @ Nivas ltd.
Zagreb, Croatia [2013 - 2016]
Building and maintaining various websites using new technologies and approaches but keeping in mind the less obedient browsers and their limitations.
Web developer @ Krikstudio
Zabreb, Croatia [2012]
Building and maintaining both static and Wordpress websites.
Web developer @ Unicolor
Zagreb, Croatia [2010 - 2011]
Building and maintaining websites built around a custom CMS.





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